Space Trucker

by Gott Mountain Boys

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When the Gott Mountain Boys were still around and kicking, we wrote this little number about truckers. In space. It's very serious.


I ain’t seen your face since Life Day last year
But I’ve got your picture on my thruster controls
It’s the only thing keeping me sane up here
I’m out here in outer space all alone
And space is a lonely place without you

I think of home, the planet Earth
How I should be there too
Instead, I’m circling ‘round Orion 5’s colonized moon
I ain’t felt the ground in many months
Or grass beneath my feet
I can't recall what it feels like to walk with gravity

I know we need the credits, love, but
It’s hard to be away
I seen things that’d blow your mind but
I think of you every day
I'm blazing trails out in the void and
I guess that's pretty neat
but I would gladly trade adventure
to have you here with me

Girl, you found a wormhole
right into my heart
and it feels like getting shot with a blaster
when we're apart
I'm delivering cargo on very distant worlds
but someday soon I'll make that hyperspace
jump right back to you


released July 30, 2013
Clint, Marshall




Wing Commander Missouri

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